Quality check

Quality control is ensured by activities carried out during the production process through the use of instrumentation and three-dimensional optical measuring machines equipped with a continuous probe and laser that guarantee the quality of the final product and compliance with customer requests.

The company is equipped with an air-conditioned metrology room and a workstation dedicated to testing and verification in each production department.

Raw materials

On arrival at the factory, the raw material is subjected to quality controls that certify its conformity. This process has been standardized in order to guarantee its customers a homogeneous product and to make the most of the capabilities of CNC machines.

Controls are conducted according to the manufacturing standards of the materials themselves, such as dimensional and product specification checks.

Material traceability

The traceability of materials for the finished product realization has become essential. Anytime Andalò Gianni can satisfy its customers’ requests for traceability of the production process, of the material used, and also of all the external and internal processing phases of the finished product.

Production check

The Andalò Gianni company is committed to respecting the tolerances given by the customer, which is increasingly a fundamental aspect of mechanical production. This process is facilitated by the latest generation of measuring instruments that operate directly in the production environment.

Test report

Andalò Gianni conducts dimensional checks on the components produced, issuing the appropriate dimensional control report.

Thanks to continuous investment in advanced technological measuring instruments, the company is able to certificate product quality.

Certifications and awards

Andalò Gianni srl is ISO 9001: 2015 certified