The Andalò Gianni company manufactures integrated components for the most complex industrial productions, using the latest generation of CNC machines.

The technology of numerically controlled machines guarantees versatility and precision in machining, respecting extremely tight geometric and dimensional tolerances.

The company is able to offer customers machining of all types of materials, ceramic, metal and plastic. The grinding machining operations, combined with heat and surface treatments, guarantee an excellent finished product.

Each machining is guaranteed by the certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 strong .


The company carries out milling processing with with 3-4-5-6 axis CNC machines, with special tools designed to achieve complex geometries and very high precision, reaching tolerances below 0.01 mm.

It performs milling operations on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, inconel, invar, super-duplex, TZM molybdenum alloys and hardened steels.


It machines diameters from 0.50 mm up to 600 mm, using CNC machines, some of which have a Y-axis for milling.
Complex profiles are produced with tolerances of up to 0.005 mm and roughnesses of less than
Ra 0,1 micron.


The company performs wire EDM machining with 4-axis machines, some of which are equipped with a 5th rotary axis, plunge EDM and drilling machines.
Wire and sinking EDM allows profiles to be made on all conductive metals and ceramics, achieving tolerances down to 0.005 mm and roughness down to Ra 0.4 microns. In addition to standard wires, Ø 0.1 mm molybdenum wires are also used.
For die-sinking EDM, it manufactures with its own technologies copper, copper-tungsten, and graphite electrodes using special profiles and dimensions.
Andalò Gianni has thirty years’ experience in the construction of complex parts used on RF (radio-frequency) satellite chains, in the construction of gears for the racing sector and in calibrated micro-drilling from Ø 0.4 mm.

Grinding (flat, round and planetary)

The company carries out grinding, micro-drilling and complex profiling work on all metals and technical ceramics with machines including 5-axis continuous machines. Special diamond drills and wheels are used, achieving dimensional and geometric tolerances of less than 0.005 mm and roughness of Ra 0.1 microns.
In the grinding department, there are lapping machines used to satisfy requirements for flatness below 3 microns and roughness below Ra 0.1 microns.


Laser technology is used for special machining operations (e.g. micro-drilling, profiling) on technical ceramics that cannot be carried out using other conventional technology and for marking parts.